TYEN is a reputable Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with the aim of creating a skillful society and lifting people out of poverty.

In other to carry out this effectively and efficiently, TYEN organization is in need to work with volunteers that are passionate to make maximum impact and change the narrative within our society today.

If you know you are passionate about making impact, kindly opt-in for one of the following groups of volunteers.

1. Content developers: This group of volunteers will be saddled with the responsibility of creating meaningful and engaging content across all platforms (social media, blogs) owned by TYEN, and other editorials. Kindly mail us @ Support@tyenorg.com to apply. 

2. Awareness volunteer: This group of volunteers will be responsible for creating awareness about TYEN and its activities. They'll be known as TYEN Ambassadors and will spread all impacts TYEN is making; hence persuade and help others share in all the opportunities TYEN is offering. Kindly, click on the link below to join the team

3. Instructor: This group of volunteers are skillful set of persons, whose zeal is to tutor members of TYEN ACADEMY on specialized area of interest for FREE, and create more positive impacts for TYEN organization. Kindly mail us @ Support@tyenorg.com to apply

P.S: Kindly note that all available positions come with benefits attached.

Glad to have you on board - Come Let us WIN TOGETHER