Values We Give

We happily welcome you to TYEN. Let's help you build a working income-generating career for FREE! 

We would love to let you know that 'you don't pay to acquire skills from TYEN Academy,' but you are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $100, which grants you full access to all offers on TYEN on an advanced level.

There are still lots of training offered to both free and paid members of TYEN Academy. So, just register and start enrolling for these fundamental skill training immediately.

If you don't have $100 to pay immediately, utilize any of our price discounts offers when available.


Here are the values we grant you as a Pro member of TYEN Community:

1. We will be granting you five (5) fully sponsored income-generating career TRAINING FOR FREE; you could be working from home while making up to $1,000+ with your skills.

2. Every business and individual need a great writing tool for day-to-day proofreading of documents. For this unavoidable reason, we grant all Pro members of our community shared access to a Premium Grammarly writing & proofreading tool, which costs $30 monthly

3. We will help you with all necessary premium tools worth above $500, needed for you to succeed in any of your chosen careers.

4. We shall be investing $30 for you in TYEN CLUB VFS software. Click here to read through the investment and the ROI you would expect in 12 months. 

And you will be privileged to have a copy of TYEN CLUB membership ID CARD.

5. We recommend other legit investments programs for you to acquire shares and grow your wealth. Click here to read through this benefit in full

6. For training offered by external instructors from TYEN, we shall be making sure the price tags (for both offline, and online training) don't exceed $15 each. Also, we shall only release your payment to the Instructor when up to 60% of your class team testifies positively upon completion of the exercise. (This means that TYEN is the moderator for all paid training organized on, and we shall always place your satisfaction first).

With this above mechanism in check, we have successfully taken away the fear of our members paying for training without getting the promised values in return.

7. If you promote TYEN and gain referrals, we will pay you 10% of your referrals' payment. We still allow you to use the same referral bonuses to subscribe to training organized by external instructors of TYEN instead of paying extra physical cash for such advanced skills. So, you are gaining all promised value from TYEN totally for FREE!

8. When you help gain sponsors for TYEN, we give you 10% of the amount the individual, politician, NGO, or company paid to sponsor youths learning. 

9. All training offered in TYEN are open for enrollment only and starts upon completion of the total required number of students for such training. We applied this principle to implement effective team learning! 

10. Certificate of Excellence will be offered to you upon completion of training.

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It will be our greatest pleasure if you allow us to share in your dreams - Welcome again.