How It Works

1) Register a free account and start subscribing to the free courses!

2) Upgrade your account to paid membership – costs a one-time fee of $100 ($50 promo for the first 200 members) 

3) Copy your coupon code from your TYEN ACADEMY ACCOUNT and proceed to TYEN.CLUB

4) While registering on TYEN CLUB, paste the coupon code you copied in the space provided, fill in the other required spaces, and submit your registration. Your username MUST be the same for the coupon code to work on TYEN CLUB 

Upon successful account creation, you will automatically be given a free investors' account that grants you access to TYEN CLUB VFS software which compounds you a lifetime ROI of up to $500 for the first year and $500,000 before the end of 5 years.

5) Now, as a full-time member of TYEN Community, you have access to Pro courses mentored by TYEN instructors, and also have access to Pro paid courses mentored by external instructors in TYEN ACADEMY.

6) We also allow you to register friends and family with a unique referral link issued to you, and we pay you 10% of the membership fee paid by your referral, and payments start from the 28th of every month for all withdrawals.

7) We still allow you to subscribe to Pro paid courses with your referrals, instead of the price tag fixed by the instructors for the paid pro courses

8) As a pro member of TYEN, you are qualified to apply to become a tutor, and when approved, you could start creating Pro paid courses for members of our system, and you may be making up to $500 for every single batch of students you teach well.

Ps: For all our official online training, each class batch has up of 200 students. So, we get these complete students before each batch training begins. This will enable us to actualize our good purpose for every one of our students. We offer you the best for FREE