About Us

TYEN Academy is a FREE skill-acquisition system that offers both Digital and Physical classroom training, for only interested entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.

We also grant job opportunities to certified instructors to create either free or paid training for our members with respect to our terms of agreement, in order to serve the community satisfactorily.

In a bid to see that every one of our members succeeds, we set out a team of resourceful TYEN RESEARCHERS whose task is to resource around the labour market for job opportunities, legal investment programs, and affordable business partnership. We discuss partnership terms with any identified opportunity (Company) in favour of both our members and would-be partner; we seal the agreement and recommend such a promising business opportunity to each of our members and serve as an intermediary between both partners in case of any future occurring dispute.

Upon establishing this initiative, we partnered with TYEN CLUB. We will be granting a FREE TYEN CLUB membership account worth above $30 to each of our student. TYEN CLUB is on a mission of raising 3-million resourceful Youths in 3-years.. You may read more about TYEN CLUB's benefits here as we recommend them to you always.

We are TYEN (The Young Entrepreneurs Network) - The leaders of our time. We are the Youths all around the world, sharing the same community like-minds while proffering innovative solutions that should help humanity and the world at large.


In recent years, the acquisition of skills has always been a callous decision amidst the Youths and students in the university.
Students depend on a degree certificate for employment, while the majority of the Youths depend on their parents, uncles, and guardians for a better life.

Today, due to undoubtedly low availability of jobs and numerous disappointment from uncles, many Youths have given proper attention to acquiring added Skills, brand themselves, and monetize such skills digitally to earn a better living even as a student.

Following the trend, we could see that majorly every youth today wants to acquire digital skills and learn how to make money from it, even while they are at home.

No doubt, even before these trends came to play, there existed lots of Standard Online Academy, Individual online training, Online Course selling, and the likes.

When we thought we'd actualized the dream with these existed systems of learning, the “BIG PROBLEM” evolved...Continue Reading


Our mission is to freely empower every young youth around the globe, within our reach, with relevant skills, information, experience, and tools to enable them to excel in any chosen career or business. Grant free career mentorship and also help empower talented Youths through our initiatives with financial aids for business development and idea creation.


Our Vision is to build a community of young and highly enterprising youths with a membership base of over One million people in less than three (3) years in each country around the world. We are modelling future entrepreneurs - Setting the Standard!


TYEN is officially recognized by the Nigeria government and proudly powered by "THE YOUNG CREATIVE THINKERS INITIATIVE" (RC No:127873)