Fiverr Advanced Training (OT - O)

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Course Summary

Welcome to my advanced freelance course. In this training, I will be teaching you to create a professional fiverr account with 2 gigs (what you offer) and training you till you get your first sales and reviews.

Course Description

Hello, there great mind! 

Like I explained to you guys in our fundamental lectures about Fiverr that it's a site where you offer your skills and get hired by people that require it.

I suppose you must have understood the essential aspect of Fiverr freelance platform as at now. So in this course, we will be proceeding with creating a Nigeria Fiverr Account with your name and personal details (You must have a government-approved ID card ready for when you are asked for verification) the account will have your name and your picture but be free to use any username.

N.B: If you are getting this training from another country, you will have to create the account yourself; following detailed guidelines from me. 

Permit me to go straight to what you will be getting from this course.


- Creation of a professional account with two gigs
- How you can explore more niches
- Fiverr test and Fiverr course completion
- Mentoring till you make your first sales with five stars.
- How you can draft compelling proposal for buyer request
- Access to TYEN freelance Community
- GATE PASS for my next training & Mentorship that guarantees you a minimum $300 monthly

Sounds good, right? Yeah, it looks excellent but I will advise you that this journey you are about to embark on will be full of ups and downs at first.

Still, if you are focused and determined to make it a reality in the next six month you can be making noting less than a million naira a month ( $3,000), it achievable because It a landmark have reached personally, I will be so glad to help you guys if you ready, and how can you be ready first proceed by clicking the  JOIN button.

See you at the other side.

Hello there and welcome to my page on TYEN Am Opeyemi popularly known as the magician and am a freelancer, am here to change your world with my knowledge and teach you how to make legit and stress free money with the skills you've acquired.

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