Why TYEN Academy was founded - The story

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In recent years, the acquisition of skills has always been a callous decision amidst the Youths and students in the university.

Students depend on a degree certificate for employment, while the majority of the Youths depend on their parents, uncles, and guardians for a better life.
Today, due to undoubtedly low availability of jobs and numerous disappointment from uncles, many Youths have given proper attention to acquiring added Skills, brand themselves, and monetize such skills digitally to earn a better living even as a student.
Following the trend, we could see that majorly every youth today wants to acquire digital skills and learn how to make money from it, even while they are at home.
No doubt, even before these trends came to play, there existed lots of Standard Online Academy, Individual online training, Online Course selling, and the likes.
When we thought we'd actualized the dream with these existed systems of learning, the “BIG PROBLEM” evolved.
Here are the lists of challenges that made up the BIG PROBLEM:
1. LACK OF FINANCE: Many engaging Youths don't have the money to pay for standard training from reputable Academy or certified instructor, for their desired skills of choice
2. NO GAINED VALUE FROM PURCHASED COURSE: Many youths that could stress out and pay for some skill training, returned with bad reviews, and regretted the time waste and money lost on subscribing for such training. Yet the instructor has zoomed off with the money they paid.
3. LACK OF CONCENTRATION: While many Youths preferred to be thought, and walked through a course by an instructor, like real classroom learning, rather than just selling the course to them and leaving them to their self-decision (whether to study the purchased course or not, the instructor has zoomed off with their money)
4. MENTORSHIP: Many Youths that passed through some skill training gave up at some point in their respective career because of challenges they faced while they couldn't subscribe for continues Mentorship directly from the instructor.
All these are BIG PROBLEMS, and they brought us to the SOLUTIONS made available at TYEN Academy - Proudly powered by 'The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative' (RC No:127873)
"The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" (TYCTinitiative) is a fully registered and reputable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose mission is to solve problems affecting Youths while helping them build a life-changing career of their own.
We created TYEN Academy to proffer the following SOLUTIONS:
1. FREE SKILL ACQUISITION: You learn for free, while we pay the certified instructors from our Purse, and donations made available by our sponsors and philanthropists.
2. CLASSROOM LEARNING: We open up admission for any skill training, and allow the required number of students to enroll. After this, we close entry and initiate training.
3. VALUES FOR MONEY: We set out both internal and external moderators to monitor every class, seek satisfactory feedbacks from students. We ensure the instructors render all promised values made open to students upon admission. We don't pay instructors unless 60% of the completed class teams testifies satisfactorily for benefits received.
4. MENTORSHIP: One of the core agreements signed by every instructor in TYEN Academy grants all students lifetime Mentorship in whichever skill they acquire from TYEN Academy.
5. CAREER MONETIZATION: We don't just give you professional expertise, we teach and walk you through the road of monetizing your knowledge, so it becomes a fully functional career that will make you indefinite money.
We are TYEN (The Young Entrepreneurs Network) -The leaders of our time!
Modeling future Entrepreneurs - Setting the Standard
THE YOUNG CREATIVE THINKERS INITIATIVE (RC No:127873) - "The solution finder"